Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Matched or Set Free V Belts

Matched Set Free V Belts are offered by STEIGENTECH.
Why V Belt Set Free is it important?
In many applications, the V-belt drive will be using multiple single v-belts in order to transmit power. In such a drive, the application has been calculated to split the load over several V-Belts to guarantee efficient distribution of the power.
The theoretical situation is that the V-belts have, not only the same specifications, but also the same length and so the tension being applied to all single v belt linearly. Obviously the v-belts with shorter length would carry the main load since the tension would be impacted while the other V Belts would have lower tension level.
One can understand easily that it is critical that all V-belts in the drive have exactly the same length so the load is being transmitted equally to all v belt.
 Indeed there are some real consequences of not having a set of V-Belts matching:
o    The expected power would not be transmitted.
o    V-Belts and drive mechanics could enter into serious vibration.
o    V-Belts won’t “team “and would fail earlier.
o    Possibility of the pulley grooves will wear unevenly.
In such a drive configuration, engineers used several terms Matched Set, or Belt Matching or Set Free, which all call for same: the V-Belts on the drive shall be equal length.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Polyurethane Timing Belt with cleats

Steigentech can now produce polyurethane timing belts with cleats in open ended or joined.

If you have special requirements for these belts, such as drilling, back coating or profile variants, we can look to get these made for you. The cleats can be attached via chemicals or high friction depending on your application and requirements.

These timing belts are ideal for a range of applications in a range of industries, open ended is perfect for conveyors, due to its high tensile design and excellent position precision. Steigentech PU timing belts are perfect for linear drives, robotic applications, medical technologies or even packaging and printing industries.

If you wish to find out more information on these belts, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Friday, 2 September 2016


Our moulded ribbed poly V Belt can be used in a multitude of applications such as  fitness bikes, vacuum cleaner brushes,concrete mixers, hand tools, compressors, washing machines, dryers, fans and pumps
Our range Includes: PH, PJ, PK. Please contact us for aramid cord or EPDM compound. Please contact us for any special backing requirements.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Drive Parts Direct Ltd adds new Steigentech product range

Drive Parts Direct Ltd adds a large stock range of Polyurethane Timing Belt Sleeves.

 Steigentech truly endless molded, the PU Timing Belt Sleeve are now in stock and available to cut to your required width. The range which includes T2.5, T5, T10, AT5, AT10, are available from stock with steel cord with Kevlar cord being available from Steigentech to order. Our Polyurethane belts have excellent resistance to wear, fatigue and the environment, good flexibility allowing for serpentine drives and suitable for many applications.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Its all happening.

It’s all happening here at Drive Parts Direct…we had two seagulls trapped in our warehouse last week and they weren't the easiest of things to get out!!

Seriously as we continue to grow I am delighted to welcome Liam Olding to the team, Liam has taken up the role of Business Admin and sales apprentice and is already settling in to this role. Welcome aboard Liam. 
Congratulations go out to Lewis in our warehouse who passed his forklift driving test this month and can now efficiently load and unload the delivery /collection vehicles…that’s one less job for me!!
Keep on like this I can soon have a day off J

I am genuinely excited to tell you that we will be exhibiting and this year’s Drives & Controls exhibition at Birmingham NEC 12th-14th April. 
This is the first exhibition Drive Parts Direct Ltd has taken part in, but as Drives & Controls has established itself as the leading UK event for Power Transmission and automation I felt is an ideal event for us to showcase our exciting products. We will be joining 350+ of the leading suppliers of mechanical power transmission products, motors, robotics and pneumatics, exhibiting a range of Steigentech belt and matting products. Alongside me “on duty” throughout the exhibition will be the Vice President of Steigentech Mr Thomas Vidal, and my wife  Teresa – the real boss!!
We would be delighted to see you and discuss the Steigentech products and how we can be of service, we are different from current premium manufacturers; we like to get to know our customers and deal in a more personal and traditional way with the people we work with. For any one unsure about our products and services we offer this is an idea opportunity to come and see for themselves the value for money, quality and range of products we are able to offer. If you can make it our booth number is D642 and a warm welcome awaits you – hopefully someone will come along for a chat otherwise it will be a lonely 3 days.
It’s been an exciting first year for me, and as the months keep on coming and flying past I am confident that Drive Parts Direct Ltd and our partners will continue to offer a product range that gives true value for money, stock availability and knowledgeable friendly staff who understand what our customers need and expect. I and the team here at Drive Parts Direct thank all our existing customers for your support it’s been a pleasure getting to know you!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

First Year Update

One year ago I moved into Unit 2 farthing Road – an older industrial unit with a small office with a warehouse that needed some attention – but it was big enough to start.
Launching a new company along with a brand that is new to Europe was exciting, slightly daunting and I must say somewhat scary. After 23+ years of being an employee and loving every minute of it, I was now alone and eager to get started and bring Drive Parts Direct Ltd to life.
Jan through to March was taken up getting myself and the company ready for launch, trying to work out warehouse space requirements for the stock coming in, setting up a location system and bring our web site and portal to life and ready for the big day!! Those months, like the rest of this year just flew by. In March the first Steigentech belt and matting stock arrived along with the Diamond Sapphire chain stock and at last I could begin trading in earnest. I am pleased to say the products we sell and the service we give have been well received and our customer base continues to grow.
I would like to thank all of you for your trust in Drive Parts Direct and our products. While saying thank you, at this point I must also thank my wife for becoming my unpaid warehouse person on a part time/weekend basis – the truth is she just wanted to spend some time with me J Well that’s my take on the situation!!
To my delight as this first year of trading draws to an end we have been able to expand our warehouse which will allow us to hold more core product stock -it’s already on order!! I am already looking ahead and planning to add more products to our existing ranges, as we continue our growth plan.
You may have already seen that we have decided to exhibit at the Drives & Controls show April 12th-14th – the UK’s leading event for Power Transmission products, here we will exhibiting Steigentech product’s along with other products from our range. We would love to meet you if you’re going to the show – along with me the vice president of the Steigentech group will also be on hand to discuss our products and services and how we can help your business grow.
I look back on this year with some degree of pride and an overwhelming feeling of excitement for 2016, along with the relief of “I’ve made it through the first year and were still here”! New staff will mean that I will be able to “leave my baby” and travel to meet customers both new, old and potential, and spread the word about the quality value for money we have to offer. And my wife will be able to get back to the housework :)
It’s been a good first year and I have loved every minute of it, I thank you all once again for your business, support and trust, and for those of you who are reading this and haven’t made the change yet, all I can ask is why not give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Warehouse March with first belt stock being checked.

Warehouse today – with 2 floors and belts unpacked and laid out in section/size order.


                  Remember Think value, Think Quality, Think Drive Parts Direct Ltd.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Poly V - Multi Rib Belts

This belt category is basically a flat belt with a corrugated driving surface; ridges running longitudinally around the inside of the belt. The groove-to-groove pitch distance, groove angles, groove depth of these poly V belts comply with international standards. The common profiles are H, J, K, L, and M, being relatively thin, with a well-supported tensile member, these belts perform better than V-belts on drives with small diameter pulleys. They are particularly suited to serpentine pulley configurations and can drive flat pulleys from the backside of the belt as well which is important in serpentine drives. The low mass and high flexibility of Poly v/ribbed belts allow them to tolerate small diameter pulleys, reverse bending, high drive speed, and high speed ratios. Poly V/ribbed belts do not rely as much on the wedging action (as a v-belt) to transmit torque, and therefore tensions tend to run higher
Typical Applications
The “H” profile is used primarily in the white goods appliance sector as the drive belt for washing machines and tumble dryers. They are also found in many small electric hand tools and equipment like belt sanders and kitchen blenders. The “K” profile has been used almost exclusively in the automotive market as the prime driver for front-end accessory drives (FEAD). One belt, connected to the vehicle crankshaft will drive the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, A/C compressor, and other auxiliary equipment, such as air pumps or alternator/and the modern starter hybrids.

The “J”, “L”, and “M” belt profiles can be used on many industrial drives and can in some cases replace the Classical or Wedge belts.